Day 3 Wraps Up on the Gunnison and Where Search Money Comes From

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The search on the Gunnison River for Paige Birgfeld wrapped up around noon.

Everything needed to operate an investigation like the Birgfeld's case is paid for by the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. These costs range from paying for any people needed to be brought in to aid in the investigation, overtime for Mesa County Deputies and Investigators, food, facilities, and more.

As of now the Sheriff's Office doesn't know exactly how much money they have spent, but will know in about a month.

If they do run out of money that is already budgeted, they may have to ask the commissioners' help, but again they don't know how much has been spent already.

The Sheriff's Office is thankful to those volunteers who have helped them in search efforts and to the Abby and Jennifer Recovery Foundation because without them they would have had to spend more money bringing in others to accomplish what they did.