Miner Who Escaped Collapsing Mine says he Heard, Felt Nothing.

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Huntington, Utah (AP) - A miner who escaped a collapsing coal mine in Utah says he didn't feel or hear anything as parts of the mine caved in, trapping six colleagues.

Tim Curtis tells the Associated Press he was near the entrance of the mine and learned about what happened when he got a text message.

Three other miners who were near the mouth of the mine also got
out. The trapped men are believed to be more than three miles from
the entrance.

Rescue crews are planning to drill another hole as they try to locate the six men who've been trapped underground for a week. The searchers are hoping to reach an area where the miners might have
gone if the air in their original location was bad.

Officials say this latest effort could take up to six days. The new hole would be more than 1,400 feet deep.