Rescuers Look to Farthest Section of Mine for Missing Miners

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Huntington, Utah (AP) A new drill aimed at the back of a central Utah mine where six men may be trapped has drilled 585 feet into the mountain.

That leaves more than 800 feet to go before it breaks through toward the back of the mine, where officials hope the men sought Refuge in search of an air pocket.

At a late-morning news conference, mine co-owner Bob Murray showed video from his latest trip to the rescue effort inside the mine. He showed how workers are reinforcing the mine shaft so crews can dig horizontally toward the area where the miners could be. They think they have about 1,200 feet to go until they reach their target.

Officials say there are also preparing for a fourth drill hole, but did not immediate say where it would go.

It's been more than eight days since a partial collapse in the mine left the six miners unaccounted for.

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