Turning the Grand Valley Greener

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One local restaurant owner is attempting to turn the Grand Valley a little greener.

Every year more than 200 thousand tons of trash is dumped into the Mesa County Landfill. Mark Smith, owner of Main Street Bagels, decided to take a part in lightening that load. He has changed over all of the take out products and now uses only biodegradable items. The forks, straws, bowls, cups and even the napkins are made from corn, potato, starch and sugar cane. After being used the items are picked up from his restaurant and taken to the landfill's compost site for processing.

Mark Smith, owner of Main Street Bagels says, " In three to six months it will be in someone's garden, all of the stuff that you see on the side of the road that looks like trash or in the landfill."

This composting is a pilot program and once all of the details are figured out, other restaurants will be invited to join the program.

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