No charges to be filed against GJ woman who reported 'fake' cops came to home

MESA COUNTY, COLO. (KKCO)_ The Mesa County Sheriff's Office says it will not file charges of false reporting against a Grand Junction woman that reported fake officers tried to enter her home.

In an email to 11News, the Mesa County Sheirrif's Office says, "There is not enough 'evidence' to show she was malicious in her mis–understanding of what she perceived/saw or experienced. However, we are certain that she met with two deputies and one animal control officer and both sides are talking about the exact same incident."

Thursday morning two deputies and an animal control officer spoke to the woman at her Serenade Street home after they nearly hit her two dogs which were running free on Patterson Road.

She later called the sheriff's office saying three men wearing all black claimed to be officers and tried to enter her home.

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