State Repairs Bridge Crack Discovered After Minn. Bridge Fell

CDOT workers repair a fracture discovered during an inspectionh prompted by the Minneapolis bridge collapse.
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Buena Vista, Colo. (AP) A bridge over the Arkansas river is fully open after crews repaired a fracture discovered during an inspection prompted by the Minneapolis bridge collapse.

The fracture was found Tuesday in an angle connector on the bridge on U.S. 24, about 80 miles southwest of Denver. The southbound lane was closed, but is reopening now.

Colorado Department of Transportation Spokeswoman Stacey Stegman said the bridge was not in immediate danger of collapsing, but she said it was better to be safe than sorry.

The bridge was one of six in the state given special inspections after the August 1st bridge collapse in Minneapolis. All had structural similarities to the Minneapolis bridge.

Stegman says crews welded the fractured piece as a temporary repair until the angle connector or the entire bridge can be replaced.

Stegman says there's no timetable for replacing the bridge.

Colorado bridges are inspected every two years. It's not clear when the next regular inspection was scheduled for the U.S. 24 bridge.

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