Police Warn Motorists To Pay Attention To School Zones

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As kids head back to school motorists can expect to see an increase in children crossing streets, riding bikes and boarding buses. They can also expect to see police out patrolling active school zones.

Last year the Grand Junction Police Department's Traffic Unit ticketed 221 people for speeding in school zones. Traffic Unit Supervisor Sgt. Douglas Norcross says the most frequent ticket they write is to people doing 10-19 miles over the posted speed limit in a school zone.

Last year a distracted driver hit an 8–year–old girl on her way to the bus stop, and a 6–year–old was hit on her way home from school. Police say accidents like this are tragic and they're hoping motorists will pay more attention this year.

Speeding ten or more miles over the posted speed limit in a school zone is a $150 fine and four points against your driver's license.

Colorado law also requires all traffic to stop for a school bus when the red stop sign is extended and the red flashing lights are on.

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