Lost Hiker Rescued

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A woman from out of town took a wrong turn while hiking on the Colorado National Monument on Monday afternoon, but thanks to rescue workers, she made it out unharmed.

After being lost for more than three hours, she walked out of the canyon with a smile on her face and gave hugs to the search and rescue workers who led her to safety.

Authorities say she was hiking down the Monument Canyon trail early Monday afternoon, when she lost her way and ended up in a drainage about a mile into the park.

Luckily, she had a cell phone on her and got enough reception to make a call to Mesa County Sheriffs.

They say she couldn't tell them where she was, but let them know she wasn't hurt and that she had some water with her.

Even though she was a little dehydrated and hadn't had much to eat all afternoon, search and rescue workers say she was still in good spirits when they found her.

"She was really happy to see us,” said Rick Smaniotto, the man who found her. She thought she was going to have to spend the night out there. She found a nice place in the sand up against the rocks. She was prepared to spend the night and she was glad to see us."

While search and rescue workers were glad they were able to find her, they recommend that if you're out hiking to stay on the marked trails.