Nude Gardeners ring in annual celebration

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Mesa County, Colo. (KKCO) - Fenced in and out of sight, a group of Grand Valley residents let it all hang out as they participate in World Naked Gardening Day.

Party host, Guy, a self declared naturist, or nudist, if you will, says they're doing it to, 'Celebrate the freedom of naturism and nudism by gardening."

His girlfriend Carla, and fellow nudist, echoes the same thought, "It's liberating, it's an amazing experience, you feel more close to nature than you would in any other way."

Now in its fifth year, the holiday promotes tending to the world's garden as Mother Nature intended. Karla says it's, "A very, very emotional feeling the first time you go nude."

Most of the gardeners at Guy’s event say they spend most of their days naked, just not outside where people can see them. "It’s actually really good for your clothing budget," says Carla.

Guy will tell you, going naked doesn't mean you're going crazy, "We are just ordinary people who've gotten over the idea that we have to be ashamed of being without our clothes."

A liberating experience for many people, planting seeds in the nude. Naked gardener Steve says, "You just really feel comfortable when you get out of your clothes and start walking around."

On the planting list for the day’s festivities are jalapenos, tomatoes, lettuce and many other veggies. Guy says, “We are planting pretty much everything."

Everyone who helps with the planting and upkeep of the garden will be able to harvest whatever they need down the road, and despite what some people might say about hidden agendas, Guy says it's just a good time spent with good people. "We just accept people for who they are not what they look like or dress like," says Guy. And that, they say, is the naked truth.

*Last names and the location of the World Naked Gardening Day celebration were excluded from the story at the participant’s request.

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