Mesa County Staying Afloat in the Housing Market

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Foreclosures nationwide have nearly doubled in the past year.

The state of Colorado is fifth in the nation for foreclosures but public trustee, Paul Brown, says Mesa county is fairing alot better.

He says there were 312 foreclosures for all of 2006. So far this year
the county has seen nearly 200 foreclosures.

Experts say foreclosures not only affect the families losing or having to sell their homes, they can hit your pocket book in other ways.
Enough foreclosures in one area can cause the value of the neighborhood to go down.

Local realtors say this isn't the case in Mesa county.

They say if you are buying right now you could get a good deal in the Grand Valley and if you are selling you are in the clear-- prices aren't plunging.

Experts say mesa county will stay afloat in the housing market as long as the economy keeps booming.

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