City Holds Public Forum on Future Development

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The city of Grand Junction held a public forum Wednesday evening to get residents' input on downtown development plans.

City planners hope to develop the area spanning from the Riverside neighborhood to 28 Road, and then the railroad tracks to the river, where they say a makeover is long overdue.

Residents from all over the Grand Valley came to the Two Rivers Convention Center to look at prospective plans for development in the southern part of downtown Grand Junction.

Developers say they want to transform this area into a place where commercial, industrial, and open space can come together to make a great city even better.

While they are optimistic about this vision for the city, some residents would rather leave the landscape the way it is.

"It looks like they're planning on an awful lot of development," said Orchard Mesa resident Mary Dunning. "I'd like to have some of that open space where you can breathe a little bit."

Even though there is some disagreement about how much of the land to develop, people on both sides are happy that the city is including resident input in those plans.

Public hearings on the final plans will take place in November, and city planners hope that a final plan will be adopted by the end of the year.