Safety Alert Issued For Car Seats

There's a warning out for something that's supposed to keep your child safe.

Graco's issued a safety alert for almost 300,000 Comfortsport convertible car seats.

It turns out the lower anchorage belt may have been misrouted during assembly, so that it's behind the shoulder harness instead of under the bottom. That could affect the way it protects your child during a crash.

According to the company, it's only a problem if the car seat is rear-facing, and was installed with a latch system.

According to Graco, the following models are affected: 8629twl, 8631dft, 8631dra, 8632pso, 8635tac, 8639cos, 8c00blg, 8c00dmn, 8c00grp, 8c00lnw, 8c00mid, 8c00tmb, 8c01svd, 8c01wtn, 8c02mgi, 8c02mrc, 8c03hal, 8c03wcf, 8c04frr, 8433fof, 8630mtr. They were made between January and July.

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