Cost Of Fixing Bridge Will Fall On Trucking Company's Insurance

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More than a week ago a truck slammed into an over pass on Interstate 70 killing two people and severely damaging a bridge. Friday CDOT officials announced plans to fix the bridge and get things back up to speed.

The same contractor working on the Riverside Parkway Project will fix this bridge at 26 1/2 Road and Interstate 70. SEMA Construction says they can do it in just a month and for under $320,000.

Bridge work will begin Monday. Plans include building a new column to replace the one the semi truck took out and removing a weakened pillar and replacing it as well. Two other contractors also bid on the emergency project, and while SEMA had the lowest bid at just under $320,000, the total cost of the project will be much more. CDOT officials estimate they've already spent $100,000 on stabilizing the bridge, clean-up and traffic control. The trucking company's insurance is expected to pay for the majority of the costs.

Crews do not anticipate having to close I–70 completely at any time during construction and say one west bound and two east bound lanes will remain open. The 26 1/2 Road bridge will remain closed to motorists and open to pedestrians and bicyclists.

Work on the bridge should be complete by late September.