Internet Mapping Tool Stirring Up Controversy

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A new mapping feature launched by Google allows anyone to look at your house with the click of a mouse, and although some see it as a useful tool, others say it is an invasion of privacy.

The new mapping systen called street view lets you see an actual photo that zooms and flips and shows a 360 degree view of a street.

Neal Samples lives in grand junction and says he used it to take a trip out of state.

But not everyone is thrilled about the program. Privacy experts say the photos can be misused because they show license plate numbers and other information. You can even get a glimpse of people on the street.

The images are not live or in real time, but privacy experts say it concerns them to know that one day the images could be.

Grand Junction Police officer Brian Gregor says law enforcement already uses similar satellite photo images through google and other companies.

He says they use the images for investigations such as traffic accidents to get a better look.

Officer Gregor says it is only a tool and doesn't pose any danger by itself. He says he has never seen it used in criminal activities.

Right now street view is only available in some cities. No word from google on if and when it will map grand junction. Street View is already active in denver.

Google does have a help page where users can ask that an image be removed to protect someone's privacy.

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