Putting Up Their Dukes

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Dog fighting is gaining national attention, but it may be closer to home than one might think.

Dog fighting is like a boxing match except the dogs are in a cage and they often fight to the death. Mesa County saw a case like this back in December of 2006. Garry Avery owned four Pit Bulls that were extremely malnourished and scarred. Mesa County Animal Services searched the home, seized the dogs, and Avery was arrested. He faced charges of animal cruelty and neglect, he served a six month jail sentence. The dogs weren't so lucky, all four died shortly after.

A common technique used to get dogs to fight is called Baiting, dog owners will throw smaller animals like rabbits and cats into a cage for the dog in training to attack and kill. It's also known as Blooding, because the animals will get their first taste of blood.

Though stories like this one aren't to common in Mesa County it's important to be aware that it does exist. So if you see or hear anything that leads you to believe dog fighting is going on in your neighbor hood, contact local authorities.

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