New Email Scam Using Scare Tactics

A new email scam is making its way into Mesa County and looks to solicit money through fear.

The so-called hitman scam has been on the FBI's radar since late 2006 and with one documented report in Mesa County, the sheriff's office is advising web surfers to take caution.

This scam is a mutation of the Nigerian scam, in which a fictitious dignitary would offer, for a small advance fee, a sum of money just for helping him or her out. But police say the hitman email scam is a perfect example of how the criminal element always adapts to find ways to take your money.

The hitman scam email comes from a person who's supposedly been hired as a contract killer to assassinate you, but for a specific sum, usually double of what your enemy has paid to have you terminated, the hitman will not fulfill the contract.

The sum varies from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, but investigators say the recipient should see a clear personal connection: your name, address, daily habits etc., before reporting it.

The sheriff's office has had one report of this scam but investigators say for every one victim, there's a hundred that don't report the incident.

The best advice should you receive this email is to delete it immediately.