Tap Water & Baby Formula Don't Always Mix

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Health officials have issued an alert to parents, they say don't mix baby formula with tap water depending on the what area you are in.

So many things can affect the development of your child, but there are some things that people just don't think about. The warning issued by the ADA is that an excessive amount of Fluoride found in tap water can cause Enamel Fluorosis, a condition that can deform teeth.

Enamel Fluorosis occurs when the infants teeth are still under the gums and still developing, it's effects are lifelong. The disease is more likely to occur in areas where the water has more than one parts per million of Fluoride, here in Grand Junction we have exactly one part per million.

Shasta Kellerby is a Dental Hygienist and she says it is OK to put tap water in your infants formula because it doesn't have the toxicity, as much fluoride as Well water. So next time you turn on the tap make sure your child's smile isn't at risk.

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