Mixed-Use Development Impacting Neighborhoods

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Mixed-use development is springing up on First and Patterson Streets. People who live in the area say they are concerned about the impact it will have on their neighborhood.

Wendy Hoffman says she's not sure what to think about the 20–acre development sprouting up in the backyard of her dream home.

She's moving to grand junction and looking to buy a house on First Street. Right now the area behind the home she is looking to buy is only an open field. Soon it will be a thriving development called Corner Square.

Hoffman is worried about traffic and noise the development might bring
and she's not alone.

Grand Junction's planning department has been fielding calls from people who have concerns about the project as well.

Developers say people just need to give it a try.

Constructors West says the concept of mixed-use is exactly why people who live next door shouldn't be worried about traffic.

The company says a place that has retail, office and residential space helps clear congestion because people don't have to drive to work, live and play.

Hoffman says she still isn't sure of the impact the project will have on the neighborhood. She's thinking about buying a home in a different location.

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