HCG Diet: risky or worthy?

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Grand Junction's newest diet and weight loss treatment technology is drawing quite a bit of attention, and doctors say you could lose a pound a day from it.

But just how safe is it?

It's called the HCG diet, and the treatment involves an injection of the hormone women produce when they're pregnant.

The doctors who prescribe HCG in Grand Junction say in small doses and when monitored while you're on the diet, its completely safe with no side effects.

But other local doctors are skeptical when it comes to putting hormones into your body.

HCG has recently become a very controversial diet. Not only because the hormone is injected, but because while on it, patients are restricted to consuming just 500 calories a day.

Management with Integrative Weight Solutions who monitor the diet say just like any prescription, you shouldn't start it without knowing just what you're putting in your body, and you should not order this drug on line.

Terri Boggs, with Integrative Weight Solutions explains, "You don't know what you're getting or who you're getting it from when you're ordering on the Internet so you want to be very careful and that's why you want it monitored by a physician. Also for people on medications, those are going to have to be adjusted as somebody starts losing weight."

But Dr. Daniel Lonquist does not think this diet is the best option. He says, "I think if your body isn't producing it, it's an unhealthy option. I couldn't see a lot of negative side effects, but you never know if there are long term effects."

Boggs says they've never seen any of their patients experience negative side effects, and they say that's because they do continuous medical exams on their patients while they're dieting.

In the end, it's not about a quick fix. In order to keep your weight off, it's about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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