Murder Case Sparks Internal Investigation

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The City of Delta has released the results of an internal investigation sparked by a murder case.

Today Delta's city manager told 11 News the police department could have done a better job investigating a call for help.

On May 24 a woman was seen being dragged out of her car by a man.

Witnesses who saw the violent fight between a girlfriend and boyfriend in the parking lot of the Bill Heddles Recreation Center in Delta called 911.

A Delta police officer checked out the fight but says he found no reason for further investigation and cleared the call in less than 15 minutes.

But for weeks 18 year old Jamie Cimenelli's car sat abandoned in the recreation center parking lot.

Several people called police to find out what had happened to the girl they saw assaulted, only to find out she had been murdered in Wyoming.

Disturbed witnesses went to the city to complain sparking an internal investigation the lasted one month.

City manager Larry Sloan says the police department could have done more to investigate the case.

Sloan says there are gaps in the system and he's not sure if any other cases have slipped through.

To make sure no more do, he says the Delta Police Department needs to make some changes.

Sloan says the witnesses aren't the only ones who are upset, he says officers involved in the case are very emotional over what happened.

Sloan says in the future he hopes to see police taking more information at the scene of a crime and communicating better so that calls for help won't go unanswered.

Wyoming authorities have arrested Ciminelli's 19 year old boyfriend Roman Sanchez on second degree murder charges. Sanchez's trial will begin next month.

The city says the Delta Police Department should start implementing changes next week.

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