Police Warn About Counterfeit Bills

Counterfeit Bills

A warning from police about counterfeit bills circulating Grand Junction.

So far this year the police department has received 15 reports of fraudulent $20S, $50S and $100S.

Many of the bills are "washed" bills which are real but have been chemically altered and reprinted to look like a higher denomination. Because "washed" bills are real a counterfeit detection pen doesn't work. Police say that's why it's important to know what features are found on each bill.

Denomination Portrait Embellishment on back

$1 George Washington Great Seal of U.S.
$2 Thomas Jefferson Signers of the Declaration
$5 Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Memorial
$10 Alexander Hamilton U.S. Treasury
$20 Andrew Jackson White House
$50 Ulysses S. Grant U.S. Capitol
$100 Benjamin Franklin Independence Hall

Police say if you suspect someone is trying to pass a counterfeit bill call 911 immediately and make sure to get a detailed suspect description. Non-emergency reports should be directed to 242-6707.

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