College Football Fans Pack Local Sports Bars for Kick-Off Weekend

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Big time college football fans here in town, who weren't able to make it out to the games Saturday, flooded into local sports bars to root for their favorite teams.

With a big upset in Michigan and an emotional Virginia Tech win, among others, they had a lot to be excited about.

But it was the big Rocky Mountain Showdown between arch-rivals CU and CSU that left standing room only in most sports bars across the city.

Workers at Boston's said they couldn't believe how many college football fans jam packed their bar, and they had a rough time trying to find seats for all of them.

Even though those fans weren't out cheering in the stands, they say going to a local bar is the best way to enjoy the sport they love.

"I like to come to Boston's because they have all the different screens," said college football fan Dave Blair. "There's so many games, especially on the first Saturday, and you can watch five or six games at the same time."