Local Inventor Thinks Big

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In a time when water reserves are low, one Redlands woman says she has invented a device that will help save thousands of gallons of rainwater for future use.

Linda Williams has created what she calls a Hydro Solar Electric System.

It's designed to store rainwater in huge five thousand gallon tanks. It also uses water to create pressure that will spin a turbine and power a generator.

She says it can be used by cities, farmers, firefighters, miners, parks, and even as a source of drinking water.

Williams says rainwater gets overlooked by many, but she believes it will help people everywhere.

"There is something that's more valuable than gold, silver, diamonds, and oil," said Williams. "That's water."

Williams says she's been working with the office of Senator Ken Salazar CO (D) to move forward with her plans. They passed her invention along to the U.S. Department of Energy