Rescue Efforts Called Off for Utah Miners

A torn sign hangs on the side of the road leading to the Crandall Canyon Mine in Huntington, Utah, Saturday, Aug. 25, 2007. The latest holed drilled into the collapsed mine where six men are trapped broke through an area too small for the men to survive, a lawyer for several of the men's families said.(AP Photo/Deseret Morning News, August Miller)

The search for the six trapped miners in Utah’s Crandall Canyon Mine is called off.

Federal Mine Safety officials suspended the search indefinitely on Sunday after seeing more discouraging video from a robot placed inside the mine.
A MSHA Spokesman said they told the families they’ve suspended rescue efforts because they’ve run out of options.

MSHA has also said they’re just not sure if a future recovery mission will be possible, and had placed high hopes on the performance of the robot camera as everyone’s last hope. But water, mud, debris and deteriorating conditions, brought MSHA to the conclusion that no one could be alive down there.
This news isn’t what the families wanted to hear as they gathered at the church for their daily briefing, but their attorney says, he thinks everyone knew this tough day was coming.

The Mine had claimed the lives of three rescue workers in a separate collapse of the mine, while attempting to reach the trapped men.