Mesa County Sheriffs Kicks Off Citizens Police Academy

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The Mesa County Sheriff's Office kicked off it's 27th semi-annual Citizens Police Academy Tuesday night, giving county residents a more in depth role in making their communities safer.

The program is designed to introduce citizens all facets of the Sheriff's Office and give them a better idea of what Sheriff's employees do on a daily basis.

About 25 participants will get to do things like tour the detention center, use a firearms training simulator, and talk with the head of SWAT.

The program runs from now until late November and all classes will be taught by real deputies and office employees.

Even though the program will keep them from working, the Sheriff's Office says there will still be plenty of deputies to keep the county safe.

"We've been doing this for over a decade now and we have come to an understanding of the types of resources we'll need to allocate," said Norma Mestas, Mesa County Sheriff's Information Coordinator. "None of these classes really interfere with the operations of the sheriff's office."

The Sheriff's Office hopes that the Citizens Police Academy will serve as a stepping stone to get citizens involved in other things like community watch.