Alzheimer's Disease Cases Rising

For many, seeing parents aging can be painful, especially if afflicted with Alzheimer's disease. Unfortunately, the numbers of this terrible disease are drastically rising.

Alzheimer's disease is a steadily debilitating condition that affects more than 64,000 Coloradans, but according to a recent Alzheimer's Association study, that number is expected to jump by 47 percent in three years and double in about 15.

The odds of getting the disease are increasing for your parents as well.

"The greatest risk factor is age, 65 years and older, 1–8 will get it. Those 85 and older have a 50 percent chance," Regional Director for the Alzheimer's Association Laurie Frasier said.

The on–set of Alzheimer's is subtle, with memory changes being the primary warning sign. If you or your loved see the signs of memory loss or confusion, the best advice from experts is to get to a doctor to have the disease diagnosed.

Those who have cared for those who have the disease say there is plenty of help here in the Grand Valley, as caring for loved ones is a difficult and painful process.