Funeral Mass for Two of Six Crandall Canyon Miners

Yellow ribbons symbolizing six coal miners trapped since an Aug. 6th collapse line a bridge near the command post at the entrance to the Crandall Canyon Mine, Aug. 16, 2007, near Huntington, Utah. (AP)
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Huntington, Utah (AP) A funeral mass will be said tonight for two Crandall Canyon miners at Mission San Rafael in Huntington.

The mass will be said for Luis Hernandez and Carlos Payan.

Hernandez and Payan are two of the six miners who were trapped in a huge collapse at the Crandall Canyon mine on August 6th.

It's not known if any of the six men survived the initial cave-in.

Rescuers tried to tunnel underground to reach the men, but that effort was called off after three men were killed and six hurt in another collapse August 16th.

Seven holes were also drilled into the mountain above the mine to try to signal the miners or find any signs of survivors. But none was found.

The six men may remain entombed in the mountain.

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