Woman Suing Sheriff's Office Over Nude Photos

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One woman says intimate photos meant for her husband ended up in the hands of detention officers.

After an internal investigation by the Mesa County Sheriff's Office she says she still doesn't have closure.

A letter from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office acknowledges the officers acted innapropriately.

It says the officers will be punished but the letter also says that information is personnel related so it doesn't say how.

Jessica Duran says this just isn't good enough.

She says when her husband was serving three months for violation of parole in the Mesa County Jail in July, she sent him intimate photos of herself.

The sheriff's office says it is policy for detention officers to open mail.

If it's inappropriate, they are supposed to seal it and send it back.

In this case the sheriff's office admits that policy was not followed.

Durans husband says one of the officers taunted him over the pictures.

A complaint was filed with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and after a complete internal investigation, she got a letter saying the claim was "substantiated."

Now she plans to file a lawsuit claiming invasion of privacy and violation of civil rights.

The sheriff's office said it couldn't comment on the internal investigation except to say that the investigation did take place.

It also won't tell 11 News how the officers were reprimanded because it is a personnel issue.

Duran says she wants the officers fired.

We contacted duran's attorney in Denver and he confirmed he is in the process of filing the lawsuit.

Mesa County Attorney Lyle Dechant says when a lawsuit is filed he notifies county commissioners and then decides how to defend the case.

He says the county hasn't received the lawsuit yet, so of course he can not comment on it.

We will be following this developing story.

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