Grand Valley Residents Remember 9/11 at Lest We Forget Tribute

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Hundreds gathered at the Two Rivers Convention Center Tuesday, to pay tribute to one of the darkest days in American history.

Six years after the tragic events of September 11, visions from that day are still fresh in the minds of many Grand Valley residents.

To pay tribute, Wounded Warriors and the City of Grand Junction organized the "Lest We Forget" ceremony to give the community a chance to come together, remember, and reflect.

"The whole meaning is lest we forget," said Rod England of Wounded Warriors, who planned the event. "We do not want to forget those who lost their lives, and those that since that time who have stepped up to defend our country."

The event kicked off with a parachute jump from double amputee Dana Bowman. On the way down to the ground he unfurled a huge American flag to thunderous applause from the crowd.

Inside the convention center, there were even more emotional displays of patriotism as men and women in uniform presented the colors, a tear filled crowd sang the Star Spangled Banner, and bagpipes played Amazing Grace.

Those who attended say the tribute was not just about honoring the victims of 9/11, but also to honor police and fire fighters in the community.

"It means a lot to me personally," said Sgt. Derek Rosales of the Grand Junction Police Department. "The community is very supportive of law enforcement officials here in Grand Junction and Mesa County."

Event organizers also hope the tribute reminded people to think about the men and women overseas who are currently defending our country.

"We think about them every day," said Sgt. First Class Daniel Hendrick of the U.S. Army. "Those of us who are blessed enough to be here in the United States right now, we appreciate it. Our hearts and minds are always with those overseas."

Even though that day still haunts them, organizers and people who attended say the tribute was a great way to help with the healing.

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