Video Voyeur Arrested in Montrose

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A self confessed pedophile is behind bars in Montrose after a tip led to his arrest.

Sixty-three year old Robert Ashley is wanted in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He had been on the run since Monday until U.S. Marshalls on his tail got tipped off he was in a hotel in Montrose.

Ashley was a substitute teacher in New Mexico and he was placed on administrative leave after teachers found a backpack with a hole cut out of it and a camera inside.

Investigators say Ashley confessed to using the camera to videotape up a little girl's skirt while she was sitting at her desk in his classroom.

When deputies in Albuquerque went to his apartment there to arrest him, he was gone.

Authorities found him more than 320 miles away in Montrose.

The Montrose County Sheriff's Office says it got a call from U.S. Marshalls and was glad to help.

Deputies arrested Ashley at the Montrose Days Inn.

Deputies say detectives from New Mexico are in route to extradite Ashley.

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