Firefighters Douse New Castle Forest Fire

A fifteen acre fire burning in New Castle since Saturday night was fully contained by firefighters Sunday.

Officials say the rockin' pine fire, named for a restaurant that used to be in the area, was caused by a lightning strike.

The blaze damaged trees on BLM public lands northeast of the town. The fire burned two miles away from the closest home, but no one was ordered to evacuate.

Although the fire only affected a small area, two single air tankers, one heavy air tanker, and more than sixty firefighters were called in to contain it.

"We have so many because it's such a steep terrain," said Sally Spaulding of the Upper Colorado Interagency Fire Unit. "It's dangerous nasty terrain up there, so they wanted to make sure that they had enough fire fighters to dig the fire line around it and contain it."

Officials say Sunday's rains helped calm the blaze, and that it was completely contained by 8:00pm.