City Council Approves Affordable Housing Project

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The Grand Junction City Council met on Monday night to help one community build more affordable homes in their neighborhood.

City residents asked the council for $58,000 to help build a water line that will go through Crawford Ave in the Riverside community.

Those residents say there are several plots of land in the area that could be turned into eight affordable housing units. Without the water line and better road access to those plots, however, the land is unbuildable.

With the average cost of housing in the city reaching upwards of $200,000, residents say projects like these are something the community desparately needs.

"That market is not sellable because of the wages here," said Richard Davis, a Grand Junction resident. "If that water line is installed, it should provide good affordable housing."

City Council agreed with the proposal and voted 7-0 in favor of moving forward with the project.

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