Disgraced Democratic Fundraiser Back in California

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Disgraced democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu has been released from the Mesa County Jail an into the custody of authorities from California, where he faces a felony theft case.

Hsu was labeled a fugitive after a 1991 grand theft case and a missed court appearance in California. He was then arrested at St. Mary’s hospital after being taken off an Amtrak Train in Grand Junction.

Hsu was a leading money “bundler” for Senator and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Her campaign is returning $850,000 in contributions linked to him.

On Thursday federal prosecutors in New York said they planned to charge Hsu with campaign finance violatios and with allegedly creating a $60 million "ponzi" sceme. Details of the charges are not yet available.

Hsu was being held on a $5 million bond ,the largest bond ever for a case in Mesa County.

Hsu is now back in California awaiting to face his prior conviction from the early 1990's and address new charges out of New York for defrauding invesotrs of more than $60 million dollars.

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