Local Veteran Rewarded for Service

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A local veteran was rewarded by a veteran's group Saturday for his service.

Mayor Jim Doody and a group who calls itself The Navy came to the Western Slope Vietnam Memorial Park to give an electric wheelchair to Rhy Paris, an Air Force vet.

Mayor Doody said The Navy contacted him and asked if he knew anyone who could use an electric wheelchair they had just come across. He said he knew just the person.

Paris is one of the local veterans who helped build the memorial, which is why Mayor Doody said he was so deserving of the chair.

Paris suffers from congestive heart failure, and said it is difficult for him to get around. He is excited that his new gift gives him a new found mobility.

"It's so wonderful to have the freedom of being able to have the choice," said Paris. "That's just what they've done for me and it's fantastic."

The ceremony was part of The Navy's annual trip to the Western Slope memorial.