New Grand Valley Swap Meet Kicks Off Opening Weekend

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The Peach Tree Swap Meet opened it's doors for the first time this weekend, giving local vendors an opportunity to sell their goods.

The 25,000 square foot venue in Clifton can hold up to one hundred different vendors.

Owner Gilbert Maynard says most large cities he's lived in have swap meets, which is why he wanted to bring one to the fast growing Grand Valley. He says it also gives local vendors a chance to compete with the big national chains.

The indoor market appeared to be a hit with shoppers, as huge crowds flooded into the building all weekend.

Local vendors say although it's only been one weekend, they have seen huge sales.

"I'm going to be here permanently," said Denny Festermaker, a candle vendor. "This is going to do what we want to accomplish with our business."

The Swap Meet will be open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, year round.