Family of Injured Clifton Teen Trying to Cope with Shooting

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The family of Martin Martinez says they are having a difficult time coping with the shooting that left her grandson in critical condition at the hospital.

"Our main thing right now is that he's dead and he's still with us," said Aurelia Martinez, Martin's grandmother. "But it's really hard to be here at the hospital and not know anything."

The 18-year-old has been at St. Mary's Hospital since Thursday night when two men knocked on his door and shot him in the face.

While the family is thankful Martin is still alive, they say now he may never get to live his dream of going into the military after he graduates from Palisade High School this year.

"He's an outgoing person, he's a funny person, and now he's nothing," said Aurelia Martinez. "Right now we don't know how he is going to react to his condition when he gets better."

Doctor's have sedated Martin to help control the swelling in his face and to prevent other complications from occurring. They don't plan to wake him up until after his surgery later this week.

Meanwhile, the shooting forces the family to live in fear day to day.

"Now I am so scared, I can't even go to my door," said Aurelia Martinez. "I never lock my doors and now I'm locking my door and making sure my kids don't open doors because you never know."

Early Sunday, Andrew Martinez, a man wanted by authorities in the attempted murder of Martin, turned himself in. The family says they know Andrew and were adamant he was not the one who shot their loved one.

"They don't have the right person," said Aurelia Martinez. "We know he's not the person that shot my grandson."

Authorities tell 11 News they now agree with Martin's family. Andrew Martinez was released from custody Sunday night, and all charges against him have been dropped.

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