Tea Party boils up before the Primaries

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DELTA, Colo. (KKCO) - Tea Partiers are boiling up the Primaries, with less than two weeks until the final count. A little rain didn't dampen their party early Friday evening. The Western Slope Constitutional Patriots invited fellow Tea Partiers across Colorado to the table to cheer on their favorite Primary picks.

"I support Bob McConnell because I believe he has the experience to go into the government and lead us in a different direction," says Tea Partier Betty Oglesby.

U.S. Congressional candidate Bob McConnell says he's headed in the same direction as the Tea Party and enjoys the energy at their rallies. "I love speaking last and getting people fired up and sending them home ready to get back in the game and ready to fight," says McConnell.

Most Tea Partiers say they're fighting to take back a government that they believe is no longer working for the people.

"We've bent toward a totalitarian type government agenda," says David Justice, creator of the website TeaPartyColorado.org.

"I think the government is getting extremely too big and not paying attention to people," says Tea Partier Glenn Schlather.

So Tea Party organizers say they hope to combat that inattention with information.

"We're losing a lot and the only way to stop from loosing it all is for people to get engaged," says Liz Matz, founder of the Western Slope Constitutional Patriots, a segment of Tea Partiers.

"Conservatism. I think what we're looking for is a moral compass. We've lost that moral compass, and conservatism is something we have to get back to," says Colorado House candidate Ray Scott.

"My ancestors helped found this country. And every generation has fought and died for this country. The least I can do is try to stand up for Constitution that they lived and died for," says Tea Party supporter Nancy Schlather.

The Tea Party insists it's the Constitution that unites their stance, which is neither Republican nor Democrat.

The Primary election winners will be announced August 10th.

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