Residents Frustrated by Flooding Problems in Neighborhood

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For the second time in a month, residents of Dawn Drive woke up to see their neighborhood flooded by nearly two feet of water.

They say storms like those on Sunday are becoming hard to bear.

"We actually stayed at our relative's house because we couldn't get in our driveway," said Martin Wiser, a Dawn Drive resident.

Wiser said he and his other neighbors called the county for help, but all officials did was take pictures of the street.

Public Works said it was following protocol, and since no water was flowing into the homes, it wasn't considered a top priority. Residents say the county should reconsider this assessment.

"That's very, very frustrating," said Wiser. "That should be one of the highest priorities on thier list, without question."

The county says it has been aware of drainage problems in that area for quite some time. It says it continues to raise funds and make plans to build a storm drain for this community.

"Now it has moved itself up to where we can now implement it," said Mike Meininger, an engineer with Mesa County Public Works. "We're looking forward to do that project out there in 2008."

Although residents are frustrated with the time table, they say as long as the county continues to come and drain their neighborhood, they'll be patient.

"I can tolerate and accept that because things have to go through the process and go through the works," said Wiser. "But only if they're willing to take care of the situation at hand."

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