'A Matter of Balance' course aides in falling prevention

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Chances are you know someone who might be at risk of falling, even in their own home, so back again by popular demand is "A Matter of Balance".

The series of classes is offered to help aide seniors with the common problem of falling. Twice a week for the next month, seniors at Hilltop Commons are attending courses designed to help them understand and overcome the fear of falling.

Volunteer coaches offered advice and strategies to reduce the fear, and giving other tips in a group bonding atmosphere.

"It's part of getting old for a lot of people and we still have a lot of life left in us," said volunteer coach Angela Sharpe-Gumbert. "We want to take advantage of that and help them do that too."

The courses also include physical exercises that will help to strengthen muscles and build confidence in maneuvering. They are currently at capacity for these sessions but are planning more courses for the summer.

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