Community on high alert for man approaching students

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FRUITA, Colo. (KKCO) -- Alarming incidents near Rimrock Elementary have many parents on high alert, and officials said descriptions lead to the same person.

Some parents can't believe a suspect is approaching children in their neighborhood, and one mom said now she doesn't feel her kids are safe anywhere.

"In this kind of a small community, you think that you are safe, but it's everywhere now," said mom Tari Kirby.

Kirby said she had the stranger danger talk with her kids but never thought they would have to put it to use until now.

"Oh very important, very important, especially in this day in age when there are lots of stories of kidnappings and even taking kids out of their own home," said Kirby.

Mother Megan Weaver preaches the importance of safety in numbers.

"So I always try to get my kids to do everything together. If they feel that they are in an uncomfortable situation, then they need to go to the nearest home where they feel they are safe," said Weaver.

But Weaver worries sometimes kids can be too trusting.

"In our society, kids are a little desensitized to their surroundings, and I think it's important to educate them to know that you need to have your guard up," said Weaver.

Fruita Police said they have gotten some conflicting information from students but some basic details align.

The suspect is described as a white man with red hair, driving a dark blue or dark truck.

Kids are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to an adult immediately and any parents with information should call the Fruita Police.

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