A dead body found on BLM lands

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Mesa County investigators, BLM officials, and the coroner are at the scene of the discovery of an unidentified dead body.

The discovery of the body came from a tip for a person out in the desert at approximately 3:30 P.M. when they believed they'd stumbled upon a dead body.

For now it's being referred to as an unattended death, and there is still no information as to the gender or identity of the body in question.

Although the body was found on BLM lands, the investigation will be conducted entirely by the Mesa County Sheriff's office.

The body was discovered just three miles from where a 54 year-old Mesa County woman was reported missing last night, but there is no confirmation as to whether the two cases are connected.

Investigators were done clearing the scene at approximately 8 P.M. Thursday evening and, the access point to BLM lands has reopened.

No more information will be released as of Thursday night regarding the investigation of the dead body.

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