Father needs help to visit hospitalized son

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- For many of us, the holidays bring our thoughts to family and friends, but for one Olathe father, a tragic accident has his mind four hours away in Denver, in a hospital bed with his 14-year-old son.

Tim Thomas showed KKCO a very special pair of shoes.

"He wanted these shoes, and I took him and bought him these $70 pair of shoes, which for us, we usually go a lot cheaper than that. That's an expensive pair of shoes, and Tommy loved them and was so proud of them," Thomas said.

The shoes are special, not just because they were expensive or bought by a loving father for his son, but because they may be the last pair of shoes Thomas's son Tommy ever wears.

"[The shoes] were 75 feet away from each other; one was in the median. He must have been hit hard," Thomas said.

On Oct. 6, Tommy's life changed forever. While riding his bike down Falcon Road near Highway 50, Tommy was hit by a semi truck.

"I got there same time as the ambulance and it was just a nightmare,” Thomas said.

For Thomas, who works as a part-time Wal-Mart employee and has raised Tommy and his brother as a single father for most of the boys' lives, it was more than just his son lying on the ground: it was his best friend.

"He's such a jabberer. I don't know how many times I told him go find something to do, be quiet. Now I'm just eating those words because now I would just love to hear him say one word," Thomas said.

Tommy has been in intensive care since the accident with a serious brain injury, unable to move or talk. For a month, his dad was driving a 20-year-old car more than an hour away, paying for gas he can't afford, to visit his son.

"I'd walk to go see him. Something tells me even though it hurts me, if I can just hold his hand, I'm doing good," Thomas said.

Tommy has since been moved to Children's Hospital in Denver, good news for a possible recovery, but making the visit harder than ever. Yet for this father, he is still holding out hope that his son will one day wear his new shoes again.

"Everything Tommy has ever touched for the last 49 days has set idle, except for the two things that he's touched that hasn't set idle, which is my heart and my feelings," said Thomas.

Thomas said he's been touched by the community support he's received, some people have walked up to him to give him a $20 bill to fill his tank so he could drive to the hospital.

A fund has been set up under his son's name, Thomas Jordan Thomas. Donations to the family can be made at any Bank of Colorado branch.

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