A new place for sweets in the Grand Valley

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) --- It's a sweet life for Baker's Boutique owners Mande Gabelson and Callie Ash.

"Cupcakes I believe are an anytime food," Gabelson said. "Cakes are for special occasions so if somebody has a sweet tooth in the afternoon, they can come in and just grab a cupcake."

Gabelson had the idea to open a combined cupcake bakery and baker's supply store when she noticed a lack of supplies in Grand Junction.

"The closest cake decorating store is Denver or Salt Lake," she said. "Now we fill that gap and we fill mouths with cupcakes."

But first Gabelson needed funding to get her idea off the ground. That's when she met Ash and the two became a team.

"I get emotional talking about it because she literally made my dreams come true," Gabelson said.

Baker's Boutique, located at 2478 Patterson Road, celebrated its grand opening Friday and Saturday with a ribbon cutting ceremony, free cupcake samples and decorating contests.

They have 80 flavors of cupcakes ranging from classics like chocolate peanut butter and vanilla confetti to more creative flavors like pink lemonade or strawberry basil.

"The sky is the limit with cupcakes," Gabelson said. "You can pretty much do anything from sweet to savory."

Besides baking and selling gourmet cupcakes, Baker's Boutique also supplies baking novices and professionals with the tools to make their sweet creations exactly how they envision them.

"We have a cupcake for pretty much any theme you can image," Ash said. "We have pirates. We have christenings for babies. You find a buried treasure in your yard, we have a cupcake for that."

Ash and Gabelson are also sharing their skills and offering classes for people interested in learning certain baking techniques.

"Once they’ve come in here and they’ve learned how to use some of the items that we have, they’ll go home and make it and people will accuse them of buying them," Ash said.

Baker's Boutique operates under the Cottage Foods Act, which gives people the opportunity to sell certain foods made from home kitchens without commercial equipment. Gabelson was active in the law's passing and said it helped her get a start at achieving her goals.

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