Mom says fishhooks found in candy at local park

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A Grand Junction mom's worst nightmare almost came true this week and the close call prompted her to take action, warning other parents across the valley.

What started as an ordinary day at Canyon View park for Savannah Byers and her son Logan quickly became a very scary moment and it all started with a box of candy.

"We went to Canyon View we were just on our little park date and I was just sitting there on a bench and he brought me over this box that looked like a candy box," says Byers. "I opened it up and there was candy full of fish hooks!"

It's the first of its kind in Grand Junction, but this isn't the first reported case of such an atrocious act across the country and due to the situations in other areas, Grand Junction Parks and Rec has stepped up their park checks from once a month to daily.

Although Byers gave the candy box to a man who says he worked for the park, Grand Junction Parks and Rec say they have no record of one of their staff members turning in the box.

They say they'll continue investigating the incident and are working to locate the individual who received the box.

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