Affidavit: Man strangled to death with lug wrench

Nathan Dennis was arrested for murder in the first degree and aggravated robbery.
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MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO) – An arrest warrant reveals that the man whose body was discovered in Orchard Mesa last week was strangled to death.

Rigoberto Luna, 38, was found dead in the area of B ½ and 29 ¾ roads on Oct. 22.

On Saturday, three people were arrested in connection with his death: Sadie Camis, Nathan Dennis and Aaron Ungles.

According to a Mesa County Sheriff’s Office arrest affidavit, the suspects had used Luna’s bank card to withdraw money. By tracking his card and reviewing surveillance videos at gas stations, liquor stores and ATMs, investigators saw a white Chevrolet pickup, which they later linked to Nathan Dennis and Sadie Camis.

Through further investigation, Aaron Ungles was also identified as one of the subjects in the surveillance videos, the affidavit says.

On Oct. 26, investigators interviewed Ungles, who told them the homicide had been planned.

According to the affidavit, Dennis and Camis were dropped off at Ungle's house--180 Edlun Drive-- on Oct. 21 by a man driving a blue Jeep (who was later identified as Luna).

Dennis told Ungles “that they needed to ‘get rid of’ the man in the Jeep,” says the arrest affidavit. Ungles thought Dennis was angry because Luna was flirting with and touching Camis, Dennis’ girlfriend.

Soon after, Camis called Luna and asked for a ride to the liquor store with Dennis, Ungles and Ungle’s girlfriend, according to the affidavit. In her testimony at the sheriff's office, Ungle's girlfriend said they had been drinking, smoking pots and doing meth around this time.

After a number of stops in Luna's Jeep, Camis decided to drive, with Luna sitting in the passenger seat.

Ungles told investigators that Dennis-- who was sitting directly behind the man-- pulled out a four-way lug wrench and held the corner around Luna’s neck, strangling him.

The group then dumped Luna’s body in an area off B ½ Road, Ungles says.

Dennis gave Ungles Luna’s credit card and went with him to get about $300 out of nearby ATMs. During his interview, Ungles identified himself in surveillance video and admitted using a card that wasn’t his own, the affidavit says.

Luna’s Jeep was found about a quarter mile south of Ungle’s home.

Dennis and Camis were arrested on charges of murder in the first degree (after deliberation) and murder in the first degree (felony murder). Dennis is also charged with aggravated robbery.

Ungles is being held on multiple counts of fraud-identify and one count of theft.

Sadie Camis was arrested for murder in the first degree.
Nathan Dennis was arrested for murder in the first degree and aggravated robbery.

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