Aftershock club seized by Dept. of Revenue

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- A local bar and club Aftershock has been seized by the state of Colorado for delinquent taxes, and some employees fear they will not get their owed earnings.

Brandon Brown said he had no warning he would be losing his job at Aftershock.

“There was no warning; essentially I just heard from the grapevine through another employee that the bar closed,” Brown said.

The employee alleges he is out $1,500 in payment he said he never received.

“I do have a family. I have two kids, so it’s like, 'Wow, thanks,’” Brown said.

According to Colorado Department of Revenue spokesperson Daria Serna, Aftershock’s owner, Peggy Vieira, owes $4,297 in sales and income tax withholdings. Serna said Vieira voluntarily closed the business, but since she was behind on taxes, the state had to seize the building to protect the assets before auctioning them off.

Serna said it takes a while for a business to get to the point of being seized.

“We work closely with the businesses when they feel they can’t pay their taxes. We try to work out an agreement or a payment plan that will help them do so,” Serna said.

Rusty Boyd owns the building in which Aftershock sits. He said he’s angered but not surprised by what happened.

“They didn’t pay any of their bills,” Boyd said.

He said he’s upset about the condition of the building and its exterior, which is covered in trash behind the building.

“They didn’t pay their trash company, so they just threw the trash out the back door,” Boyd said.

Vieira’s husband, Dave, said allegations of withholding wages from employees aren’t true, and he and his wife are making sure every employee gets paid. He also said they were planning on helping some of them get new jobs.

Vieira has until June 17 to pay the delinquent taxes before the assets inside the business are sold at public auction.

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