Agencies cracking down on unsafe objects left at parks

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Enjoying a relaxing day at the park is an inexpensive and fun option for many Grand Junction families, but after months of reports about dangerous objects being placed around playgrounds some are worried about how safe area parks are.

Local mom Misty Spencer says her kids love running around at the park, but in the back of her mind she thinks about the dangers that could be lurking on the playground, "I have two young children so to think they could possibly be poked by a needle and not know where it's coming from yes it worries me."

Spencer can rest assured as the Grand Junction Police Department has teamed up with Parks and Recreation to inspect 35 parks in the city. Their checks went from scanning locations monthly to doing it daily after getting numerous reports about items being left behind.

Officials with Parks and Rec say while many of the searches haven't turned up much, they have found thumb tacks in some parks.

"We can't explain exactly what's going on it's like an unfinished puzzle at this point we're treating it as a malicious intent," Rob Schoeber, Parks and Rec.

No arrests have been made yet and authorities don't have leads on who to look for so they need your help.

If you know the identity or location of the subjects involved in these crimes please call Crime Stoppers at 241-STOP.

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