Airport Investigation Update

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. It's been a long several months for airport officials here in Grand Junction, and now they say their goal is to make the necessary fixes and move forward.

As a part of their investigation, Denny Granum says the FBI seized his truck that used to be an airport fleet vehicle, and a source with law enforcement tells us former airport director Rex Tippetts' car was also taken in the investigation.

"The goal of the staff and the board both is to cooperate with the investigation," says Airport Authority Board Commissioner and Grand Junction Mayor, Sam Susuras. "Get it over with, get on down the road, make the changes we need to make and then re-create the vision of the airport."

We reached out to the Department of Justice to see if any new information about the federal investigation has been release to the public.

But a spokesman for the D.O.J. says those will likely remained sealed for the duration of the investigation.

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