Alleged Olathe bank robber arrested

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CANON CITY, Colo. Brittany Mason and Justin Davenport were arrested in Canyon City in connection with a bank robbery in Olathe.

Authorities tracked cellular activity on a phone used by Mason to the Canyon City area. While FBI and CBI officials searched the area, the vehicle driven by the suspects was spotted and followed.

Officials with the Freemont County Sheriff's Office and Canyon City Police Department attempted to stop the vehicle, which refused to stop. A short pursuit followed but the suspects eventually abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot.

Davenport was arrested quickly after a short foot-chase, while Mason hid in a trash can for nearly an hour and a half before being arrested.

The investigation is still ongoing. Mason was wanted on charges of robbery, aggravated robbery (class four felony), and theft (class four felony). A warrant for her arrest was filed with the Montrose County Court on August 22, and class four felonies have a penalty range from two to six years.

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