Allergy season could end early

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Allergy season might be ending earlier than normal because of heavy rains drenching the Grand Valley.

Although rain causes weeds to grow, it also cleans pollen out of the air and officials say if the rain stays constant, allergen levels will remain low.

There is however one thing Air Quality Specialist Edward Brotsky said to look out for: "The primary allergy offender in the last few weeks has been Kochia, which is the big tumble weed thing that kind of looks like giant Christmas trees that you see all over the Valley right now."

Pollen sampling results from Monday show levels for trees are low and grasses are moderate.

However, pollen levels for weeds are high with Kochia bringing in the most pollen at 26 pollen grains per cubic meter of air sampled.

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